Response Analysis of Wood Structures Under Natural Hazard Dynamic Loads

Greg C. Foliente, Mahendra P. Singh, J. Daniel Dolan


The basic requirements needed for response analysis of wood structures against natural hazards are reviewed. A method for stochastic dynamic analysis of wood structures, which allows investigations into their performance and safety under natural hazards such as earthquakes and severe winds, is presented. To illustrate the method, earthquake ground motions are modeled as a stochastic process with Gaussian white noise properties. A single-degree-of-freedom wood structural system is modeled by a hysteretic constitutive law that produces a smoothly varying hysteresis. It models previously observed behavior of wood joints and structural systems, namely, (1) nonlinear, inelastic behavior, (2) stiffness degradation, (3) strength degradation, and (4) pinching. The constitutive law takes into account the experimentally observed dependence of wood joints' response to the input and response at an earlier time (known as memory). Hysteresis shapes produced by the proposed model compare favorably with common wood joints. The hysteresis model can produce a wide variety of hysteresis shapes, degradations, and pinching behavior to model a whole gamut of possible combinations of materials and joint configurations in wood construction. The nonstationary response statistics of a single-degree-of-freedom wood building subjected to white noise excitations are obtained by Monte Carlo simulation and stochastic equivalent linearization. The latter is shown to give a reasonably accurate prediction of the system's response statistics, which may be used in calculating design response values. The method of analysis is general and may be used to study the response of various kinds of structural systems, including multi-degree-of-freedom systems, as long as appropriate structural models are available and appropriate hysteresis model parameters for these systems are known.


Wood structures;hysteresis modeling;dynamic analysis;random vibrations

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