A Note on the Toxicity of Chloropicrin Vapors to Gloeophyllum Saepiarium and Poria sp. in Wood

Barry S. Goodell


Southern pine wafers infected with Gloeophyllum saepiarium and Poria sp. were exposed to a range of chloropicrin vapor concentrations for 4, 8, 12, 16, and 24 h. The minimum lethal dosages of chloropicrin for both fungi were determined at each exposure period. The range of lethal concentration/time values, calculated at each exposure period, was small for Poria sp. but much broader for G. saepiarium over the 24-h test limits. This difference indicates that increasing the length of exposure to chloropicrin has a greater affect on G. saepiarium (susceptibility increases) than on Poria sp. (susceptibility remains relatively constant).


Chloropicrin;Gloeophyllum saepiarium;Poria sp.;southern pine;fungitoxicity;fumigant;concentration/time value;gas chromatographic analysis

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