The Uniformity Factor-a Proposed Method for Expressing Variations in Specific Gravity


  • James R. Olson
  • Donald G. Arganbright


<i>Pseudotsuga menziesii</i>, <i>Abies concolor</i>, specific gravity, X-ray densitometry, densitometry, wood quality, physical properties


Existing measures of uniformity of specific gravity, as obtained by X-ray densitometry, are examined in light of how well they fulfill the requirements thought to be necessary for a uniformity indicator. Based upon an examination of mass and volume specific gravity distributions, a new indicator is proposed. This indicator, the uniformity factor, relates the volume distribution of specific gravity within an increment of wood to a selected reference base. The suitability of the uniformity factor for estimating wood uniformity is shown using data from two species of different uniformities. This approach appears to have potential as a new tool in predicting wood quality.


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