Permeability of Twenty-Two Small Diameter Hardwoods Growing on Southern Pine Sites

E. T. Choong, F. O. Tesoro, F. G. Manwiller


Gas permeability of hardwoods growing on southern pine sites is significantly affected by moisture content in the longitudinal direction. The ratio of permeability in the transverse to longitudinal directions is from 12,000:1 for post oak to over 1,000,000:1 for other oaks, but it is not affected by moisture. Although variation in longitudinal permeability varies greatly between and among species, for most species there was no height effect. A significant difference was detected between sapwood and corewood only in the longitudinal direction. Gas permeability tended to be somewhat less than liquid permeability.


Gas permeability;liquid permeability;longitudinal permeability;transverse permeability;specific gravity

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