A Systemic Approach for Sawmill Modeling


  • Robert Beauregard
  • Michel Beaudoin
  • Daoud Ait-Kadi
  • Jean-Pierre Mongeau


Systemic modeling, diagnosis, integration, operation systems, information systems, decision systems


To illustrate how to perform sawmill modeling through the systemic approach, an independent sawmill and a sawmill integrated to a pulp complex were selected and modeled. Applications of a methodology for modeling the operation, information, and decision subsystems are presented. Comprehensive diagrams assembling the different subsystems for both sawmills are built.

The fitness of this approach for the diagnosis of integration problems is shown. Examples of integration problems between production and administrative information systems, as well as organizational aspects of integration, are discussed. The systemic models appear to be useful tools to share a common vision of the organization and its mission.


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