Veneer Recovery Prediction and Analysis Through Computer Simulation

Larry R. Tobin, James S. Bethel


An analytical procedure was developed which features the use of a simulation model in the analysis of grade recovery and yield in the production of rotary cut veneer. This analytical method differs from previous efforts in this field in that it permits simultaneous analysis for several veneer grades under a set of priorities built into the program.

A technique was developed for transferring green veneer characteristic data from photographs to digital form, using electronic equipment to allow rapid and accurate data collection. Data were recorded in X-Y coordinates and stored on magnetic tape compatible to available electronic computer systems.

A computer program was subsequently developed to predict veneer recovery in two, three, or four grades simultaneously, using the veneer characteristic data on tape as input. Three major variables in the veneer production operation—grade requirements, sheet widths, and clipping specifications—can be manipulated. This feature allows evaluation of effects on veneer yield of changes in these variables by simply reprocessing the same basic data under different sets of conditions. Results of several trial runs, using a number of combinations of variable conditions, are included to demonstrate several possible applications of the program.

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