Design Method for Elastomeric Adhesive Bonded Wood Joist-Deck Systems


  • W. Denis McGee
  • Robert J. Hoyle


Stressed-skin panels, shear-slip, composite structures, stress analysis, glued building components, floors, roofs, housing, structural engineering, wooden structures


The paper describes the development of equations for designing joist-deck systems in which the two elements are connected with elastomeric adhesives. The equations permit calculation of tension and compression stress in the elements, shear stress at the bond line, and deflection. They apply for continuous sheathing or for panels with effective splice joints.

Graphs illustrating a specific application to residential floor systems are presented. These are interpreted to show that moderately rigid elastomeric adhesives, of the stiffer types available, should achieve 70 to 80% of the improvement in deflection that is possible with rigid adhesives.

The paper indicates that while creep may not be a deterrent to use of elastomeric adhesives structurally, additional study is needed.


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