Fast Atom Bombardment Mass Spectrometry of Condensed Tannin Sulfonate Derivatives


  • J. J. Karchesy
  • L. Y. Foo
  • R. W. Hemingway
  • E. Barofsky
  • D. F. Barofsky


Condensed tannins, sulfonate derivatives, fast atom bombardment, mass spectrometry, bark chemicals


Condensed tannin sulfonate derivatives were studied by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry (FAB-MS) to assess the feasibility of using this technique for determining molecular weight and structural information about these compounds. Both positive- and negative-ion spectra provided useful data with regard to molecular weight, cation species present, and presence of the sulfonate moiety. Additional structural information was provided in the spectra of the dimer sulfonates by fragment ions resulting from retro-Diels Alder fission and cleavage of the interflavanoid bond. Overall, negative-ion spectra proved to be superior to positive-ion spectra because of less interference from matrix ions. FAB-MS holds promise as a technique for analyzing condensed tannin sulfonates yet to be isolated and will help facilitate development of new adhesives made with these compounds.


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