A Biopulping Fungus in Compression-Baled, Nonsterile Green Pine Chips Enhancing Kraft and Refiner Pulping

Yi-ru Chen, Elmer L. Schmidt, Kurt K. Olsen


The present study indicated that inoculation of compression-baled, nonsterile jack pine chips with Ceriporiopsis subvermispora led to a 20% reduction in the total kraft pulping time necessary for achieving pulp and paper properties comparable to those from controls. The resulting pulp from the control and C. subvermispora-treated chips responded to hydrogen peroxide bleaching similarly; the final brightness values were statistically identical, although the biokraft pulps consumed less hydrogen peroxide. Refiner pulps from these baled chips led to significant increases in paper burst, tensile, and tear strength.


Compression-baling;jack pine;<i>Ceriporiopsis subvermispora</i>;biokraft pulp;biomechanical pulp;hydrogen peroxide bleaching

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