Gate-to-Gate Life-Cycle Inventory of Softwood Lumber Production

Michael R. Milota, Cynthia D. West, Ian D. Hartley


To perform a life-cycle analysis, a life-cycle inventory is needed. Data from surveys of manufacturers are presented for the energy and materials required to produce 1.623 m3 (1 mbf) of planed, dry, dimension lumber from logs in the western and southern U.S. In the West and South, 53 and 41% of the log volume (3.05 and 3.92 m3) leaves the mill as planed, dry dimension lumber, respectively. A much greater portion of the energy used for production in the South is produced on site from wood fuels. CO2 emissions were greater in the South because of the wood fuel, 574 kg versus 419 kg per 1.623 m3 produced.


Dimension lumber;life-cycle;energy;CO<sub>2</sub>;southern pine;Douglas-fir;western hemlock

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