Investigating the Buckling Behavior of OSB Panels

Edmond P. Saliklis, Amy L. Mussen


A fully nonlinear finite element buckling analysis, incorporating geometric and material nonlinearities, was conducted on oriented strandboard (OSB) panels. A much simpler finite element eigenbuckling analysis was also conducted. An interesting intermediate approach was then investigated, that is an eigenbuckling analysis of initially imperfect plates. It was found that the eigenbuckling analysis provided good insight into the physical behavior of the panels and predicted the buckling loads of OSB panels within 20% of the experimentally obtained values, yet required significantly less modeling effort than did the fully nonlinear analysis. We propose this as a practical means of establishing the buckling loads of simply supported OSB panels. A number of issues regarding the initially imperfect shape of the panel were explored and are discussed herein.


Oriented strandboard;buckling;eigenbuckling;finite element analysis

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