Analysis of Racked Wood Pallets


  • Joseph R. Loferski
  • Thomas E. McLain
  • Stephen T. Collie


Wood pallets, matrix structural analysis, analog models, stress, delfection, semi-rigid joints, spring elements


A rational analysis procedure for designing wood stringer pallets for use in warehouse storage racks was developed for manufacturers and pallet users and is part of a computerized automatic design and analysis program called the Pallet Design System (PDS). The procedure uses simplified analog models of pallets and matrix structural analysis methods to compute the stress and deflection of critical structural elements. Semi-rigid nail joints are modeled as spring elements. Pallets with 2, 3, 4, or 5 stringers and up to 15 deckboards can be analyzed with a variety of load types including distributed and concentrated loads. The strength and stiffness of experimental pallets were compared to predicted values and showed good agreement.


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Research Contributions