Fungal and Termite Resistance of Wood Reacted with Periodic Acid or Sodium Periodate


  • George C. Chen
  • Roger M. Rowell


Periodic acid, sodium periodate, fungi, Gloeophyllum trabeum, Coriolus versicolor, wood, termite resistance


Wood reacted with either periodic acid or sodium periodate is resistant to attack by brown- and white-rot fungi and subterranean termites in laboratory tests. Both periodic acid and sodium periodate react with wood in 2 to 4 h in aqueous solutions at room temperature. After reaction, the chemicals are leach-resistant. Periodic acid-reacted wood, after leaching, has a threshold retention of 0.26% for Gloeophyllum trabeum and 0.11% for Coriolus versicolor. Higher threshold retentions are required for sodium periodate.


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