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  • Shicheng Ding Anhui Agricultural University
  • Feng Jin Shenzhen Furniture Association
  • Fuli Wang Anhui Agricultural University https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9232-8032
  • Shuangyan Zhang Anhui Agricultural University
  • Zhuoping Shao Anhui Agricultural University


bamboo, fiber, parenchyma, elastic properties, elastic constant map


The elastic constants play a crucial role in the rigidity designing and numerical model building of bamboo, thus it will enhance the accuracy of numerical model to obtaining the elastic constants fully and accurately. In this paper, the elastic properties of bamboo, bamboo fiber and bamboo parenchyma were studied systematically, and the elastic constant map of bamboo was plotted. The results would provide significant theoretical foundation for the numerical simulation of bamboo and the design and manufacture of new biomimetic materials, meanwhile the experimental design would also provide important reference for the test of other bamboo species and biologic materials.

Author Biography

Feng Jin, Shenzhen Furniture Association

Standard Research Center


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