Mechanical Properties of MDF as a Function of Density and Moisture Content

Stefan Ganev, Guy Gendron, Alain Cloutier, Robert Beauregard


This study examined the effect of medium density fiberboard (MDF) density and moisture content on MDF moduli of elasticity E1, E3, shear modulus, G13, and Poisson's ratios v12 and v13. The relation of all parameters with density was determined from MDF panels without density profile with average density levels of 540 kg/m3, 650 kg/m3, and 800 kg/m3. The relation with moisture content was determined from specimens conditioned to 50%, 65%, and 80% relative humidity. Panel E1, E3, and G13 increased with density increase and decreased with moisture conent increase. At each nominal density level, the values of E1 were much higher than the values of G13, which in turn were higher than the values of E3. The effect of density and moisture content on the Poisson's ratios was not significant.


MDF (medium density fiberboard);moduli of elasticity;shear modulus;Poisson's ratios;moisture content;density

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