Response of Self-Centering Mass Plywood Panel Shear Walls


  • Rajendra Soti
  • Arijit Sinha Oregon State University
  • Ian Morrell Oregon State University
  • Byrne T Miyamoto Oregon State university


Kinematically Expanding Hysteretic Damper (KE-HD), Mass Plywood Panels, Rocking walls, Self-centering System, Slip-friction Connections (SFCs).


The rocking behavior of self-centering mass plywood panel (MPP) walls was investigated with and without the use of supplementary energy dissipation systems. Two energy dissipation systems were tested. The first system used a kinematically expanding hysteretic damper (KE-HD), whereas the second system used slip friction connections (SFCs). The reviewed energy dissipating systems were used in a self-centering system comprising one unbonded posttensioned (PT) hold-down rod on each side of the MPP walls. The cyclic performance of the PT and the hybrid MPP specimens was investigated through a series of full-scale quasi-static cyclic tests. The test results demonstrated the viability of the investigated energy dissipaters in self-centering MPP rocking systems. Results further indicate that hybrid specimens with SFC dissipate more energy and provide higher strength than those with KE-HDs, however, with higher residual drift.



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