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Life-time improvement and the cutting forces in nitrogen-implanted drills during wood-based material machining

Jacek Wilkowski, Marek Barlak, Zbigniew Werner, Jerzy Zagórski, Paweł Czarniak, Piotr Podziewski, Karol Szymanowski


This study explored the effects of nitrogen (N) ion implantation of drills for wood-based materials. Modification of a tool’s surface is a common process of prolonging its lifetime. For the purpose of this study, ion implantation was used for modification of drills commonly used in the furniture industry. The rake face of high-speed steel drills was implanted with different doses of nitrogen ions. Durability tests were conducted with the use of a computerized numerical control woodworking machine used for drilling laminated particleboards. The cutting force and drilling torque were measured. The obtained results were presented as wear curves of the examined drill bits. Based on the results, tools implanted with nitrogen ions at different doses had a longer tool life.


Nitrogen ion implantation; Drill durability; Wood-based materials; CNC woodworking machine; Cutting forces

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