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Bamboo Metallization for Aesthetic Finishing of Furniture and Wood Decorative Objects by An Electroless/Electrolytic Process

Jose De Jesus Perez Bueno, Maria de Lourdes Montoya García, Maria Luisa Mendoza López, Gabriela Montoya García


This work aims to propose and describe bamboo metallizing, in part or totally, for furniture or aesthetical decorations. Bamboo provides a diverse metallic appearance; however, its use with real metal, already conferred to plastics, may increase the chance of use of this green material. The furniture industry requires sustainable options for both the base material for manufacturing of many pieces of furniture with a useful purpose, and surfaces finished with high quality and variety in their aesthetic appearance. This includes bamboo ornaments, which are useful to complement interior decoration. The coatings obtained include copper, silver, nickel, brass, and tin, each of which had some variants in luster. The main change incorporated into the process for metallizing nonconducting surfaces was the introduction of a common base for all surfaces, regardless of its roughness, shape, size, or other surface conditions. Then, this base was taken through an electroless process followed by electrolytic stages. Modification of the current process prevents the need for an initial stage of etching to increase chemical conditioning and roughness. The obtained metallic luster was that intended for decorative applications.


Bamboo; furniture; sustainability; finishing; coatings.

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