Effects of Management Strategy and Site on Specific Gravity of A Populus Hybrid Clone

Paul R. Blankenhorn, Todd W. Bowersox, Charles H. Strauss, Kevin R. Kessler, Lee R. Stover, William R. Kilmer, Maria L. DiCola


Wood specific gravity was analyzed for second rotation four-year-old Populus hybrid NE-388 grown under four management strategies on two sites. Significant differences among management strategies at each site and for each management strategy between sites were evident. At both sites, the control and irrigations strategies produced coppice stems with higher average wood specific gravity values than fertilization and fertilization/irrigation stems. Between sites, the Morrison site produced average wood specific gravity values that were consistently higher than the Basher site for each management strategy. The specific gravity values were normally distributed across all sites and management strategies.


Site;specific gravity;management;Populus;intensive culture

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