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W P Zhang, Y H Lu, S Khanal, S A Xu


In this study, maleic anhydride–grafted high-density polyethylene (HDPE-g-MAH) and glycidyl methacrylate–grafted high-density polyethylene (HDPE-g-GMA) were synthesized by melting grafting reaction using styrene as a comonomer. These two functionalized HDPEs and three commercial functionalized polyolefins (Fusabond®M603, PE-g-MAH, and PEW-g-MAH) were used to compatibilize HDPE/bamboo flour (BF) composites. The morphologies and properties of compatibilized and uncompatibilized composites were compared to determine the optimal compatibilizer for HDPE/BF composites. Besides, the effect of HDPE-g-MAH and HDPE-g-GMA contents on the properties of HDPE/BF composites was also investigated. The results show that HDPE-g-MAH and HDPE-g-GMA can more effectively improve the mechanical properties of HDPE/BF composites than the three commercial compatibilizers (Fusabond®M603 resin, PE-g-MAH, and PEW-g-MAH). In addition, HDPE-g-MAH is more effective than HDPE-g-GMA because of the stronger interaction between anhydride and hydroxyl groups than that between epoxy and hydroxyl groups. The use of HDPE-g-MAH and HDPE-g-GMA contributes to improve the thermal stability and reduce the water absorption of HDPE/BF composites.





wood plastic composites, HDPE-g-MAH, HDPE-g-GMA, compatibilizer, mechanical properties

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