Wood Density Of Four-Year-Old Clones Of Eucalyptus Grandis From Sixteen Trials In Colombia

Jeffery A. Wright, Masatoshi Endo


Following final evaluation for growth and form factors, selected clones of Eucalyptus grandis were sampled at age four years for wood density. Statistically, sites were significantly different, as were clones within sites. The correlation between ortet and clone was significant (r = 0.648, P < 0.001) and indicates that selection for wood density in the ortets will result in gain in the clones. The rank correlation coefficients of wood density to total height and volume per hectare was r = 0.057 and r = 0.025, respectively. These nonsignificant correlations indicate that there is no correlation between rate of growth (height and volume per hectare) and wood density. The mean wood density of the sampled trees was 411 kg/m3 on an oven-dry basis.


<i>Eucalyptus grandis</i>;wood density;clones

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