Mechanism of Thermal Decomposition of Lignin


  • Mamdouh M. Nassar
  • G. D. M. MacKay


Milled wood lignin, lignin carbohydrate complex, decomposition, thermal analysis, degradation, infrared spectroscopy, scanning electron micrographs


Differential thermal analysis studies of milled wood lignin and lignin carbohydrate complex at different heating rates showed three exothermic peaks. The heating rate is the factor that affects their sharpness and position. The peaks are sharp at low heating rates. Infrared spectra and scanning electron micrographs of the pyrolyzed lignin residues show that aliphatic scission of the lignin molecule at the onset of pyrolysis and progressive carbonization of the surface are the principal features of degradation; there is no intermediate compound formed during the pyrolysis.


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