• A Sharma American BioCarbon and Louisiana State University
  • E Terrell Louisiana State University
  • C.S. Theegala Louisiana State University and LSU Agricultural Center


biomass, gasification, syngas, wood, switchgrass, agriculture, waste


There are many properties that can affect the quality of syngas generated from biomass gasification. Among the most critical are ash, heating value, moisture, and density of the feedstock. The focus of this study is to analyze the characteristics of different woody biomass materials and agricultural wastes typically found in Louisiana or similar regions. The energy content of combustible gases produced by gasification is also quantified. The feedstocks analyzed are pine, hardwood pellets, alfalfa, switchgrass, sugarcane bagasse, corn, cypress mulch, chipped bark nuggets, dairy manure, and poultry litter. Analyzing and comparing the different feedstock characteristics indicates that the differences in physical properties are largely responsible for varying energy generation capabilities from gas produced through gasification. Ultimately, it is determined that pine and hardwood are the best candidates for energy production through gasification, based on their high density, relatively low MC, and low ash content. Producer gas generated from pine gasification had the highest concentration of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and methane and resulted in the greatest energy output when combusted.






Author Biographies

A Sharma, American BioCarbon and Louisiana State University

Sr. Process Engineer

E Terrell, Louisiana State University

Graduate Research Assistant

C.S. Theegala, Louisiana State University and LSU Agricultural Center



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