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Samet Demirel, Xiaohong Yu, Onder Tor, Jilei Zhang


This study investigated the in-plane bending moment resistance of a T-shaped joint connected with two gusset plates stapled on one side of joint members in three oriented strandboard (OSB) materials.  Experimental results indicated that in-plane moment resistance loads of T-shaped, one-sided, two-gusset-plate joints at ultimate point on average were about 1.9 times their corresponding moment loads at proportional limit.  The proposed mechanical model was verified experimentally as a valid means for deriving estimation equations of in-plane bending moment resistance loads of T-shaped, one-sided, two-gusset-plate joints in OSB materials used in the study.  Experimental results and derived equations of in-plane bending moment resistance loads indicated that a T-shaped, one-sided, two-gusset-plate joint in OSB materials will always have a higher in-plane bending moment resistance load than an L-shaped one if the rail width in a L-shaped joint is the same as the stump width in a T-shaped joint. The difference in magnitude is affected by the critical joint member width and distance from the point at the stump where the external in-plane moment load is applied to the rail top edge.


In-plane bending moment resistance, staple-connected joints, gusset-plate joints, T-shaped joints, joint mechanical model; oriented strandboard.

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