Biomass Properties and Gasification Behavior of 7-Year-Old Siberian Elm


  • W. A. Geyer
  • R. M. Argent
  • W. P. Walawender


Siberian elm, Ulmus pumila, gasification, wood energy, specific gravity, calorific value, fiber length, biomass yield


Studies were conducted to establish baseline information for use in characterizing Siberian elm as energy or fiber feedstock. Biomass properties were determined. Calorific value (4,698 cal/g) and specific gravity (0.55) of Siberian elm are similar to those of soft elms, and its fiber length is relatively short (1.00 mm). Ash content was 1.65%. Gasification produces a medium energy gas (3 x 106 cal/m3) with yield varying from 0.17 to 0.96 m3/kg over a gasification temperature range of 600 to 700 C. Ovendry yields were 9.8 t/ha annually at 700 trees/ha.


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