• Hong Chen
  • Genlin Tian
  • Zhihui Wu
  • Benhua Fei


Bamboo fiber, microfibril aggregate, atomic force microscope


Fiber primary cell walls of Ci bamboo (Neosinocalamus affinis) were analyzed with an atomic force microscope (AFM) to determine the arrangement of microfibril aggregates and the effect of pre-treatments (ultrasonic treatment and different drying ways) on the arrangement and dimension of microfibril aggregates and the cell wall topography. The microfibril aggregates in primary cell walls of bamboo fiber showed a randomly interwoven structure. Differences in the spacing between microfibril aggregates observed from the AFM phase images and the microfibril aggregates diameter determined from the AFM height topography of the nanostructure of primary cell walls of bamboo fiber were found relevant to the pre-treatments during the sample preparation. Besides, the microfibril aggregates in primary cell walls of bamboo were actually the aggregations of different numbers of cellulose fibrils. Moreover, the ultrasonic treatment could increase the roughness of bamboo fiber and exposure of microfibril aggregates. The data suggest that sample preparation and pre-treatments should be considered relevant to the arrangement and dimension of microfibril aggregates as well as the topography in studying the nanostructure of cell walls with AFM.




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