Hot-Pressed Dowels in Bonded-In Rod Timber Connections


  • Wen-Shao Chang
  • Nicholas Nearchou


Bonded-in rod connections are becoming a more and more popular method in the construction
industry for connecting timber. These connections are favored for their versatility. The most commonly used system is bonded-in steel rods, which are typically prone to brittle failures. The aim of this study was to investigate the potential of hot-pressed wooden rods as an alternative to conventional steel bonded-in rod systems, which have better material harmonization and exclude the use of adhesives. The proposed connection was applied to the practical situation of a beam splice in flexure to determine its potential. The results showed that ductile failure mode occurred at high rotations at which peak loads were displayed. A theoretical model was developed and found to be accurate compared with the experimental results. This type of connection has good ductility, which suggests its application in domestic timber framing in regions of high seismicity would be practical.




Research Contributions