Mathematical Model to Predict Preheating Time and Temperature Profile in Boxed-Heart Square Timber during Preheating


  • Jing-Yao Zhao
  • Zong-Ying Fu
  • Xiao-Ran Jia
  • Ying-Chun Cai


The objective of this study was to develop a two-dimensional mathematical model that can be
used to calculate the heat transfer in larch boxed-heart square timber during the preheating process. The preheating time obtained with the calculations agreed with the experimental results. Both experiments and calculations indicated that it took about 6.5 h for the center of the timbers (120 mm thick 120 mm wide) to reach ambient temperature, suggesting that the model can be used to accurately estimate preheating times. During the preheating process, the simulated core temperature of the wood agreed with the experimental result. However, for the remaining locations, the relative error was rather large, with the value first increasing and then decreasing with time. Therefore, the model can only be used to accurately estimate temperature at the core region of the wood. Furthermore, the results suggested that MC had no significant effect on preheating time.




Research Contributions