Development of Creep Models for Glued Laminated Bamboo Using the Time-Temperature Superposition Principle


  • Xinxin Ma
  • Zehui Jiang
  • Long Tong
  • Ge Wang
  • Haitao Cheng


This paper describes the development of creep models for glued laminated bamboo (GLB)
using the time-temperature superposition principle (TTSP). Creep (15 min) and recovery (45 min) data were obtained at constant temperature levels ranging from 25 to 65C. The moisture contents of specimens for testing were dry, 7% and 12%. The individual curve at each temperature was plotted against the log-time axis to obtain a master curve. A nonlinear regression analysis was used to estimate the model parameters. Then the individual temperature master curves were shifted again to a reference MC to construct an overall master curve using time-temperature-moisture principle. The relation of temperature and moisture shift factors loga (T, M) to temperature (T) and MC (M) was analyzed. The results show that the TTSP was successfully applied to GLB tested at different moisture contents.




Research Contributions