Climatic Signals in Wood Property Variables of Picea Crassifolia


  • Jianxiong Lu
  • Jinmei Xu
  • Yiqiang Wu
  • Xianjun Li
  • Robert Evans
  • Geoffrey M. Downes


Little attention has been given to climatic signals in wood properties. In this study, ring width
(RW), annual average microfibril angle (MFA), annual average tracheid radial diameter (TRD), and
annual average density (DEN), as the annual and intra-annual wood property variables, were measured at high resolution by SilviScan-3 on dated Picea crassifolia trees. Dendroclimatological methods were used to analyze climatic signals registered in wood property variables. RW, MFA, and TRD negatively correlated with temperature and positively correlated with precipitation in the growing season, whereas the reverse was true for DEN. Climatic signals recorded in the earlywood were similar to those measured for the full width of the annual rings. Climatic signals recorded in latewood were very weak except for latewood MFA. This study showed that wood property variables could be extensive resources for learning more about the influences of climate on tree growth and how trees adapt to ongoing climate change.




Research Contributions