Effects of International Trade Show Marketing Strategies on Trade Show Performance: Does Experience Matter?


  • Wenping Shi
  • Paul M. Smith


A growing body of academic and practitioner trade show literature has highlighted the relationship between international trade show marketing strategies and international trade show performance. However, the effect of experience on the international trade show marketing strategy and performance relationship has not been addressed in the literature. This study examines the moderating effects of organizational and individual international trade show experience on the international trade show marketing strategy and performance relationship. Empirical evidence was obtained via e-mail surveys of exhibitors at the largest international furniture supply trade show in China, the China International Woodworking Machinery and Furniture Raw Materials Fair held March 27-30, 2011. Findings indicate that the main effect of trade show marketing strategies on trade show performance is dependent on the exhibiting firm’s organizational and individual international trade show experience level. Managerial implications for international trade show exhibitors suggest the need to adjust strategic planning efforts according to the company and booth staff experience level.






Research Contributions