Treatability and Flow Path Studies in Bamboo Part I. <i>Dendrocalamus Strictus</i> Nees.


  • Satish Kumar
  • P. B. Dobriyal


Bamboo, Dendrocalamus strictus, structure, penetration index, CCA, treatability


Bamboo is one of the strongest structural materials used in rural areas of developing countries. Because of its low durability, it often fails prematurely due to fungal, borer, and termite attack. Because of anatomical differences from both hardwoods and softwoods, difficulties in treatment have been encounterd and early failures in preservative treated bamboo often observed. The most important structures for flow of fluids are the vascular bundles. The vascular bundles occurring in the inner zone of the bamboo culm treat better than the vascular bundles at the periphery.

Microscopic studies on the distribution of chemicals in Dendrocalamus strictus Nees. indicated that creosote: fuel oil penetrated more uniformly than water-soluble or organic solvent stains. The degree of penetration decreased with the increasing distance of other cells such as fibers and parenchyma tissues from the conducting vessels. At the microscopic level, treatability behavior improved from outer to inner zones along the wall thickness as well as from basal internodes to top internodes.


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