Effect of CCA-Treating and Air-Drying on the Properties of Southern Pine Lumber and Plywood


  • Andy W. C. Lee


Southern pine, plywood, CCA-treating, air-drying, bending, compression, shear, glueline shear, equilibrium moisture content


Matched samples of southern pine lumber and plywood were treated with CCA-preservative and then air-dried. When conditioned at the same relative humidity and temperature, the treated lumber and plywood had significantly higher moisture content than untreated samples. The CCA-treating and air-drying did not affect the bending and shear properties of lumber when retention level was 0.6 PCF. Compressive strength of treated lumber was reduced by 9% and it was attributed to the higher EMC associated with treated lumber. Bending and glueline properties of treated plywood were reduced by about 10% because of the increased EMC of treated material.


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