Composite Plywood with Southern Pine Veneer Faces and Oriented Strand Core from Sweetgum and Southern Pine

E. J. Biblis


Certain mechanical properties and dimensional changes of 1/2 in. composite plywood, fabricated from 1/8 in. southern pine veneer faces and 1/4 in. unidirectionally oriented strand cores were evaluated. Three types of cores were included: (a) 100% southern yellow pine, (b) 100% sweetgum, and (c) a mixture of 50% southern pine and 50% sweetgum. The cores were blended with a liquid phenolformaldehyde resin (6 1/2% solids) and bonded to veneer faces with an extended phenolic glue.

Experimental results indicate that the physical and mechanical properties of the composite panels were equal to and, in certain cases, superior to 1/2 in. southern pine CDX plywood and to commercial composite plywood from western species.

After comparing the experimental results of the composite panels with similar properties of commercial CDX southern pine plywood, the following conclusion can be drawn: Composite panels similar to those tested are expected to perform satisfactorily all structural functions required by sheathing panels for walls, roofs, and subfloors.


Composite plywood;southern pine;sweetgum;veneer;strand;core

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