Effect of Process Variations During Supercritical Fluid Impregnation on Cyproconazole Retention and Distribution in Ponderosa Pine Sapwood


  • Sung-Mo Kang
  • Keith L. Levien
  • Jeffrey J. Morrell


Cyproconazole, ponderosa pine, supercritical fluids, wood treatment


The effect of process variations under supercritical conditions on cyproconazole retention and distribution in ponderosa pine sapwood boards was assessed. While pressure and temperature appeared to affect biocide solubility to some extent, the overall results suggested that biocide movement into wood was influenced more by diffusion than bulk flow. Biocide distribution also varied along the specimen length and within the treatment vessel illustrating the importance of mixing and the need to ensure that adequate levels of biocide are available in the supercritical fluid. The role of fluid phase changes near the critical region on final biocide distribution in the wood is also discussed.


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