Pulp-and Paper-Making Potential of Peanut Hull Waste in Blends with Softwood Pulp

Wolfgang G. Glasser, Robert H. Slupski, J. Peter Clark


The use of peanut hulls as a raw material source for the manufacture of cellulose fiber products was evaluated by abbreviated kraft and soda pulping processes. Several types of experimental paper products were made from the unbleached and partially bleached pulps. Breaking lengths and tear factors were determined for handsheets made with peanut hull pulp alone and with mixtures of peanut hull and softwood pulp. Some hand-sheets blended from peanut hull and wood fibers were stronger than those made from pure wood pulp. In view of the results obtained, it appears feasible to employ peanut hull waste to extend the fiber raw material basis of pulping processes without sacrificing paper quality.


Agricultural residues;kraft;nonwood fibers;paper tests;soda

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