Strength and Related Properties of Bishop Pine I. Strength of "Blue Race" Bishop Pine from Three Locations

Arno P. Schniewind, Barry Gammon


Tests were made of mechanical properties, according to ASTM methods D143-52, of "Blue Race" Bishop pine from locations in Mendocino and Humboldt counties in California. Bishop pine was found to be equal in strength to coast-type Douglas-fir in some respects (modulus of rupture values at 12% moisture content of 12,900 and 12,400 psi, respectively, for Bishop pine and Douglas-fir) but to be more like ponderosa pine in other respects (maximum crushing strength parallel-to-grain at 12% moisture content of 5,540 and 5,320 psi, respectively, for Bishop pine and ponderosa pine). There were significant differences in strength according to location, which appeared to be due to site conditions rather than geographical location.


Pinus muricata;strength;mechanical properties;shrinkage;specific gravity;static bending;compression parallel-to-grain;compression perpendicular-to-grain;tension parallel-to-grain;toughness;shear;cleavage;modulus of rupture;modulus of elasticity;hardness

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