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Characteristics of Silvergrass and Feasibility of Silica as a Waterproof Agent in Silvergrass Particleboard

Chengbin Liao, Yuhe Deng, Wei Wang, Xinzhou Wang, Pham Tuong Lam


Silvergrass is a natural biological material and, in this study, the feasibility of it being used as raw material for particleboard was investigated. The results of pH value, buffering capacity, and surface wettability determinations indicated silvergrass could be glued with urea-formaldehyde resin. The main elements of silvergrass stalk, which included carbon, oxygen, and silicon, were determined by energy dispersive analysis of X-rays. Silicon occurs in silvergrass stalk as compound silica, and the silica content of stalk was 3.49%, which indicated silica may play the role of a waterproof agent in particleboard. Feasibility of silica being used as a waterproof agent of silvergrass particleboard was analyzed, and results showed silica actually functioned as a waterproof agent, therefore wax was not needed in silvergrass particleboard manufacture.


Elemental analysis;physical and mechanical properties;pH value;silica;surface wettability

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