Variation in the Relationship of Wood Density With Growth In 40 Black Spruce (Picea Mariana) Families Grown in New Brunswick

Shu Yin Zhang, Dale Simpson, E. Kris Morgenstern


This study examined variation in the relationship of wood density with growth traits (DBH, tree height, and bole volume) in 15-year-old half-sib families of black spruce (Picea mariana) grown on two different sites located in northern New Brunswick. Effect of genotype and environment on wood density was also briefly discussed. Although a moderately negative relationship between wood density and growth generally exists, the relationship, to some extent, varies with genotype and environment. A nonsignificant or even a weak positive relationship between wood density and growth can be found in some families. Moreover, the negative relationship between wood density and growth appears to be weaker in families growing in a more favorable environment. This study indicates that it is possible to select some families that not only grow fast, but also maintain high wood density.


Black spruce;wood density;growth traits;dry mass weight;variation;correlation;family;environment

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