Measuring Maximum Latewood Density By Image Analysis At The Cellular Level

Won-Kyu Park, Frank W. Telewski


A study was conducted to compare the precision of X-ray densitometry (XRD) and video image analysis (VIA) in measuring wood density of the last-formed latewood. The precision was determined by examining the convergence of the replicated measurements of maximum latewood density (MAXD). by XRD, and maximum percentage of cell-wall area (MAX%), by VIA. VIA was a more precise method for determining density of the last-formed tracheids than XRD. The linear relationship between MAXD and MAX% was significant at P < 0.01. The results indicate that MAX% can be used as an alternative to X-ray measurements of MAXD.


Dendrochronology;image analysis;microdensitometry;tracheid morphology;wood density

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