Properties of Sheathing-Grade Plywood Made from Sweetgum and Southern Pine


  • Evangelos J. Biblis
  • Wu-Chung Lee


Plywood, sheathing, sweetgum, southern pine, structural properties


Experimental test results of physical and certain important mechanical properties of commercial CDX southern pine plywood, of all-sweetgum plywood, and of plywood with southern pine faces and sweetgum cores are presented. Experimental results indicate that the mechanical properties of all-sweetgum CDX plywood are better than properties of all-southern-pine CDX plywood. Physical properties of all-sweetgum plywood are approximately equal to those of all-southern-pine plywood. In general, the results suggest that all-sweetgum plywood, bonded with phenolic resin, can perform structurally as good as CDX all-southern-pine plywood sheathing in house construction.

It is recommended that the American Plywood Association undertake tests according to their performance based standards on all-sweetgum plywood panels to verify and certify that such panels meet the criteria of APA rated sheathing and APA rated sturd-I-floor programs.


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