A Numerical Model for Heat Transfer and Moisture Evaporation Processes in Hot-Press Drying—An Integral Approach

Yifu Tang, Ronald G. Pearson, C. Arthur Hart, William T. Simpson


A numerical model, which was based on the energy principle that the rate of water evaporation from the interface (or wet line) at a given time during hot-press drying was controlled by the rate of heat energy reaching the interface at that time, has been developed. The model treated the drying as a process in which the retreat of the interface and free water flow to the interface occur simultaneously. After all parameters were determined according to the available literature and experiments, the numerical model worked well in predicting the drying curves from process and material variables. The model, which has a sound theoretical base but is numerically simple, has a good potential to be expanded for general high temperature drying and to be adopted in a production line to presort the lumber for good drying practice.


Drying;wood drying;press drying;drying model;numerical model;heat transfer;moisture evaporation;southern pine

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