The Performance of Composite Wood/Particleboard Beams Under Two-Point Loading

Jay A. Johnson, Geza Ifju, Harry W. Rogers


Twelve composite wood/particleboard box and I beams were tested under two-point loading. The observed flexural rigidity, EI, was found to be less than the calculated values based on properties of the individual elements. Load bearing capacity was predicted on the basis of the weakest component, which in this study appeared to be the tensile strength of the particleboard. Measured maximum loads were greater than predicted loads. The load-deflection curves were linear to failure, exhibiting virtually no warning signals prior to failure. Failure in many instances was associated with nails used to fabricate the beams. Performance of the beams was estimated to be the equivalent of an intermediate grade 2 X 10 with a 50% strength reduction.


<i>Pinus sp.</i> (southern pine);<i>Quercus sp.</i>;<i>Nyssa sp.</i>;<i>Liriodendron tulipifera</i>;flexural rigidity;elastic properties;composite beam formulas;failure surfaces;stress concentrations;nails;modulus of elasticity;stress analysis

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