Life Cycle Inventory of Softwood Lumber from the Inland Northwest US

Maureen E. Puettmann, Francis G. Wagner, Leonard Johnson


As part of CORRIM Phase II life-cycle inventory (LCI) studies on forestry and wood products, this study completed a gate-to-gate life LCI for the production of softwood lumber produced in the Inland Northwest region of the US. Data were collected by surveying representative softwood lumber producers. Raw material use, heat energy, fuels, electrical consumption, and associated wood production emissions represented input data into the LCI. The combined annual production of the representative softwood manufacturers was 16% of the total annual regional production of 755,852 m3. Thermal energy requirements made a significant contribution to the total energy consumption for wood production. In this study, approximately 72% of the total energy was used for drying green lumber to 15% MC. Thermal energy was generated both from wood fuel and natural gas, representing 54 and 46% of the total, respectively.


Life-cycle inventory;LCI;softwood lumber;CORRIM;energy;emissions;environmental impact;carbon

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