Chemical Variation In Lodgepole Pine With Sapwood/Heartwood, Stem Height, and Variety

Alton G. Campbell, Wae-Jung Kim, Peter Koch


The chemical variation in lodgepole pine over its geographical range with sapwood/heartwood, stem height, and variety was investigated. In both varieties, latifolia and murrayana, the heartwood was significantly higher in extractives than the sapwood, whereas the sapwood was significantly higher in holocellulose and alpha-cellulose than the heartwood. The sapwood and heartwood did not differ in pH and lignin content.

Ash, lignin, and holocellulose content were positively correlated with stem height in latifolia and murrayana. Extractive and alpha-cellulose content were negatively correlated with stem height. The stem height variations appeared to be related to the heartwood/sapwood ratio, proportion of mature and juvenile wood, and the specific gravity.

The variation between latifolia and murrayana in ash, extractive, and lignin content and pH was small. In contrast, the holocellulose and alpha-cellulose content was 2% higher in murrayana than in latifolia. The polysaccharide variation may be influenced by climate and site conditions as well as genetic differences.


Pinus contorta;latifolia;murrayana;chemical variation;heartwood;sapwood;stem height;ash;pH;extractives;lignin;holocellulose;alpha-cellulose

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