The Effect of Core Block Length on Strength of Faceglued Blockboard


  • Jim L. Bowyer
  • Douglas Stokke


Blockboard, lumber core, veneer, laminated panel strength


Blockboard is a form of lumber core plywood, the latter a product that has for years been used in the United States and Canada in furniture and cabinet manufacture. A unique manufacturing process and the fact that gluelines in faceglued blockboard are found only between face veneers and core serve to distinguish this product from the typical lumber core panel. Blockboard panels have become increasingly popular in northern Europe in recent years, where they have found application in products such as industrial shelving, storage units, packing cases, doors and partitions, benching, worktops, and even combination subflooring/underlayment.

Earlier work has indicated that blockboard of comparable strength to plywood could be manufactured from northern hardwoods and delivered to Upper Midwestern markets at a price very close to that of structural plywood. This work identified cost of raw materials for the panel core as a key element in lowering cost of production of blockboard. This report deals with the technical feasibility of using short length core blocks (which should maximize yield from low-grade and scrap wood) in the manufacture of three-ply faceglued blockboard.

Test data indicate that it would be possible to make structural faceglued blockboard panels using short core blocks. It was concluded that if blockboard panels were manufactured to a slightly greater thickness than plywood with which it might compete, comparable strength to plywood could be obtained using core blocks as short as 8 inches (20.3 cm).


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