A Direct X-Ray Technique for Measuring Microfibril Angle


  • M. Lotfy
  • M. El-osta
  • R. M. Kellogg
  • R. O. Foschi
  • R. G. Butters


<i>Pseudotsuga menziesii</i>, <i>Tsuga heterophylla</i>, meridional diffraction, microfibril angle, X-ray diffraction, (040) peak, numerical analysis, mercury reflectance method, texture goniometer


A texture goniometer was utilized for measuring the azimuthal intensity distribution of the (040) meridional diffraction from some coniferous wood tissues. A computerized iterative fitting method was used to generate mathematically the experimental diffraction curve and to resolve the (040) diffraction pattern from the composite profile. The mean microfibril angle was then estimated from the shape of the resolved (040) profile.

The technique developed herein is a direct and simple method for determining the mean microfibril angle with a generally satisfactory level of precision. In addition, the technique is applicable to material with a wide range of microfibril angles.


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