Feasibility of a New Hybrid Wood Composite Comprising Wood Particles and Strands

Emmanuel K. Sackey, Chao Zhang, Ying-Li Tsai, Antoine Prats, Gregory D. Smith


Hybrid boards consisting of a strand core and particleboard faces (PSP) with three different shelling ratios were designed using strand sizes from dust to 4.5 mm mesh and normal particleboard face material. Flexural properties, internal bond (IB) strength, screw withdrawal resistance (SWR), hardness, and dimensional properties were measured. The modulus of elasticity of these hybrid boards was 25% greater than that specified by the ANSI standard for M3 industrial particleboard. An increase in modulus of rupture of approximately 50% was recorded for boards containing 60% strands compared with control particleboard without strands. Hybridization also accounted for a decrease in linear expansion compared with particleboard. However, IB strength decreased and SWR values showed no significant change. Therefore, with improved core properties, PSP has the potential to replace M3 particleboard.


Particles;strands;hybrid board;oriented strandboard;particleboard;slenderness ratio

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