Some Physical Properties of Birch Carbonized in A Nitrogen Atmosphere


  • G. R. Moore
  • P. R. Blankenhorn
  • F. C. Beall
  • D. E. Kline


<i>Betula</i> sp, heat treatment, shrinkage, dynamic elastic modulus, internal friction, thermal degradation


The dynamic mechanical properties, mass loss, and shrinkage data of birch carbonized in a nitrogen atmosphere to different temperatures from 473 to 973 K have been investigated. The dynamic elastic modulus data decreased as the heat treatment temperatures approached 673 K. Major mass loss and shrinkage accompanied the decrease in the modulus data. Treatments at higher temperatures (> 673 K) produced substantially less additional mass loss and shrinkage but produced increased rigidity in the char. The internal friction behavior of the char was complex.


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