Spaceboard II Panels: Preliminary Evaluation of Mechanical Properties


  • C. Tim Scott
  • Theodore L. Laufenberg


Spaceboard, papier-mâche, sheathing panel


This preliminary evaluation of the properties of Spaceboard II (SBII) was undertaken to establish the potential of a pulp-molded product in structural-use applications and to develop a basis upon which to optimize the Spaceboard pulp molding process. Various tests were implemented to characterize significant engineering properties, including static concentrated load, panel bending, panel shear, bearing strength, and coupon tension and compression strength. Although these tests were preliminary in nature, they were nonetheless adequate to show that SBII panels perform quite satisfactorily under "dry" conditions, relative to the current performance requirements established for structural-use panels. Our tests on SBII demonstrated that with proper formation and densification, a three-dimensional pulp molding process such as Spaceboard provides the opportunity to create structural products from fiber and to obtain the performance required of conventional products.


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